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Wait…when did we sign up to be economists?

As crowdsourced platforms have become more popular with evaluating visualizations, so have the stakes of using these platforms. Since the pandemic, the stakes of having a minimum wage have been hotly debated: some finding it outrageous, others pointing out that it is barely a living wage for most. Should we as researchers care about wages? Is it our responsibility to pay people? The purpose of this panel is to begin discussing and drawing the ethical and practical boundaries of how much we should pay our study participants, what is a fair pay, and should ethics around payments be part of the review process. Our choice of panelists (Saiph Savage, Danielle Szafir, Alexander Lex, Steve Haroz, and Khairi Reda) represent researchers with significant experience in running crowdsourced studies as well as researchers who work directly with crowd workers to understand the needs of the crowdworkers. We expect the discussion to trigger a discourse in the visualization community around the practice of paying ethically and holding ourselves accountable.